About Marnic Water Watch

A low cost, intelligent solution to end this waste has been developed by Marnic technology. A sophisticated automatic control system installed in minutes to give years of trouble-free service, the Marnic Water Watch will significantly reduce your water consumption and bills whilst maintaining the necessary high level of hygiene at all times.

Our Products
Urinal Flush Controller
Battery or 240V AC Powered
The Intelligent Urinal Flush Controller
  • Low Cost. In Only a Few Months You Will Have Recovered the Cost of the System and Them Continue to Enjoy Significant Saving on Your Bill Year After Year.
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Extermely Reliable
  • Small and Unobtrusive, Our Vandal-Resistant Design is Unlikely to Attract any Unwanted Attention.
  • Easy Wipe-Clean White Enamelled Finish
  • Battery or Mains Power Operation
  • Long Battery Life. Ultra-Low Power Consumption Means Complete Safety and Batteries That Last for Years.
  • Microprocessor-bassed Design and Quartz Crystal Clock-Control Provide Reliability and a full Water Audit Facility to Monitor System Performance.
  • A Simple, Reliable Solenoid Water Valve Which is UK WRAS Approved.
  • Water Audit Facilities Available Both Prior and Subsequent to Installantion to Estsblish Water Consumption Saving. Click Here For More Details.
  • Over 40,000 Sold
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